Guitar Studies

guitar-concert-classical-02Guitar studies are offered in the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music to both classical and jazz/popular guitarists.

Classical guitar studies are coordinated within the String program, under the general guidance of the Head of Strings, Elizabeth Sellars, while the jazz and popular guitar studies are coordinated by the Head of the Jazz program, Assoc. Prof. Robert Burke. The principal classical guitar teacher is Geoffrey Morris and the principal jazz and popular guitar teacher is Steve Magnusson.

Classical Guitar

guitar-concert-classical-01Classical Guitar study gives students the opportunity to develop their artistic skills under the guidance of highly experienced teaching staff headed by Geoffrey Morris. All students receive individual lessons, have the opportunity to play in a guitar ensemble with other guitarists, and participate in chamber music with other instrumentalists and/or perform as accompanists with singers. In addition, guitar students attend a weekly class that is aimed to broaden their horizons with respect to their knowledge of repertoire, musical styles, and the history and traditions associated with their instrument. This area of study is directed by leading Australian guitar authority Professor John Griffiths.

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Jazz / Popular Guitar

guitar-concert-jazz-02Studies in Jazz and popular guitar give students the opportunity to be tutored and mentored by award winning performers of national and international renown including Stephen Magnusson, James Sherlock, Craig Fermanis and Ren Walters. The program aims to teach students to develop a holistic approach to music through a program of individual tuition, specific guitar workshops, as well as the opportunity to attend specialised rhythm section workshops, and performance workshops focussing on improvisation and interaction. Guitarists have the opportunity to play in ensembles that develop diverse skill-sets including reading and improvisation. These include Guitar ensemble, Big Band, Small Jazz Ensemble, Brazilian Ensemble, Funk Ensemble, World Music Orchestra and Small Group Ensemble.

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Collaborations and Ensembles

guitar-concert-jazz-01Due to the large number of guitarists in the School playing jazz and popular music as well as classical guitarists, all guitarists are encouraged to engage across genres and to develop collaborative relationships that will broaden the total range of opportunities available to them. This happens most readily in the guitar ensembles.

There are two guitar ensembles running in the school, for jazz and popular guitarists, and for classical guitarists.