Occupational Health and Safety

Whenever an accident , injury, or near-miss occurs in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC), or in any off-campus activity (however minor), a Hazard and Incident report form must be filled out.These forms are now completed online and can be found at the following link –http://www.monash.edu.au/ohs/reporting/index.html

Any questions or queries regarding this document, please contact PAC Resources/Technical Staff.

Lifting (Ergonomics and Manual Handling)
Never lift heavy items on your own. Some items in the PAC need to be lifted/carried in a special way – so please ask for assistance from Resources/Technical staff. Please also look for signage in rooms that provides guidance for handling particular pieces of equipment. Monash University OHS department offers documentation on correct lifting procedure

Monash University Policy Statement
Monash is a leading Australian university with an international reputation for innovation and excellence in teaching and research. It is distinguished by its organisational diversity which includes multiple campuses in city, regional and international locations, an extensive range of educational and research programs and centres of excellence covering almost all fields and disciplines. This OHS policy applies to the activities of Monash University and to Monash controlled entities.

Monash University is committed to providing staff, students, contractors and visitors with a healthy and safe environment.

The university strives, through a process of continuous improvement, to fully integrate health and safety into all aspects of its activities. This will be achieved by:

  • Implementing and maintaining a framework that ensures the systematic management of health and safety throughout all campuses, sites and centres and by Monash controlled entities and compliance with legal and other requirements;
  • Setting measurable objectives and targets aimed at controlling higher risk activities and increasing awareness of health & safety.

  • Our principal goal is to improve health and safety and to eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses at the university. 

  • The university promotes a proactive health and safety management philosophy based on effective communication and consultation, the systematic identification, assessment and control of hazards and the encouragement of innovation.

  • As an educational and research institution, Monash recognises its responsibility to provide staff and students with positive role models and appropriate health and safety knowledge for application during and beyond their university life.