Hammond Organ Usage


Student Usage
Only students who have been approved to use the Hammond Organ, and who have been inducted in its use by Karl Willebrant or Ben Grayson, may play the instrument.

Technical Information

  • The organ runs on US voltage so, needs the white converter to run.

  • A 6 pin Leslie cable is required to connect the organ to the Leslie cabinet, if this is not inserted correctly it can cause serious damage to both the organ and Leslie.

  • Two of the 6 pins are larger that the others – these must line up correctly when inserting into the plug.

  • In-between these two larger pins, there is also a small raised dot which should also line up. It is very difficult to get this wrong, if inserted the wrong way it will need to be forced, when lined up correctly it will slide in smoothly.

    Turning the Organ On

    • START switch – this is spring loaded and is the ‘starter motor’. Press forward and hold for 8 seconds.

    • RUN switch – after holding the ‘start’ switch for 8 seconds, flick the RUN switch Leslie Speaker

      The Leslie speaker cabinet has a volume pot which must stay below half. If you push the Leslie speaker too hard you can blow the rare V21 horn driver, which is very expensive to replace.