General Information

Air conditioning system
The air conditioning is not controlled in-house. All air conditioning on the Clayton Campus is controlled from a central point in the Facilities and Services division.

Alcohol and other drugs
Monash University expects that each staff member, student, contractor and visitor will be at all times unimpaired by alcohol or other drugs whilst attending or representing the University.

Appropriate footwear
It is expected that you will wear appropriate footwear whilst working in the PAC. Bare feet, or only wearing socks, is not allowed in any part of the PAC. (Bare feet for physical theatre/movement classes are an exception, and only if you are sure it is safe to do so – i.e. the floor has been swept).

Bringing equipment into the PAC
Any electrical equipment that is brought into the PAC must be tested and tagged, so that it is compliant with OHS regulations. If you wish to bring an electrical item into the PAC, please see the Resources Officers in G24 or the Theatre Technician in G28 for advice about test and tag.

Monash University is committed to providing employees, students, contractors and visitors with a healthy and safe environment for work and study that is free from behaviours, practices and processes that may constitute bullying or occupational violence.

For more information, see the University’s Policy on Prevention of Bullying and Occupational Violence at Monash and the Procedures for Managing Incidents of Bullying and Occupational Violence in the Workplace.

Copyright is involved in all aspects of creating, performing, recording and publishing music. Australian Universities have an agreement in place with APRA/AMCOS, PPCA and ARIA which makes allowances for certain activities under certain conditions.

(Details of the agreement along with comprehensive information for music students can be found at: )

Other activities may rely on Fair Dealing in the Copyright Act – for any further information, or enquiries about copyright, please contact the Theatre Operations & Productions Supervisor.

For information about recordings and copyright, please see recording music.

Damaged and faulty equipment
Often students use PAC facilities more regularly than staff, it is therefore students that will notice faulty or damaged equipment first – this means you! If you see damaged equipment, or damage to the facilities, please report it to PAC Resources/Technical staff ASAP. If you see something dangerous, where possible make it or the area safe, and then notify PAC Resources/Technical staff immediately.

Please be careful with our equipment – it has taken many years to acquire. In the case of accidental damage, please notify a member of PAC Resources/Technical staff.

Equity and Diversity
Equity and Diversity covers a range of issues such as equal opportunity, disability liaison, student equity, advancing indigenous employment, women in leadership and work/life balance. In regard to facilities, Equity and Diversity is referenced on such matters as provisions for disabled access, assistance with sight impairment and confidentiality procedures.

The Faculty of Arts has an Equity and Diversity Committee which meets quarterly. The Equity and Diversity Centre website can be found at:

Food and drink
Food and drinks (hot or cold) are not allowed in any PAC facility. Crumbs and spillages encourage mice, rats and ants to come in to the rooms, which is not pleasant!
Water in a PLASTIC sealable bottle is permitted.

Instruments and equipment
There is a variety of instruments and equipment housed in different rooms and cupboards around the PAC. These are to be used for classes and practice activities, and only in those associated areas – please do not remove them from that area without prior permission from the Resource Officers.

The School owns a range of instruments and equipment that can be borrowed for study related activities. Procedures exist for the borrowing of this equipment, and appropriate authorisation is required. For more information about instrument and equipment availability, and loan/usage conditions, contact Emily Dobell/Christine Ditterich in the Resources Office (room 201).