Emergency Procedures

You need to be familiar with PAC emergency procedures. An evacuation route map can be found near each exit door of each room.


On hearing the alert tone (beep, beep, beep, etc.), cease activities, switch-off electrical appliances, collect personal belongings, and be aware that an evacuation may be about to occur – listen for further instructions.

On hearing the evacuate tone (whoop, whoop, whoop, etc.), or if instructed to do so by an emergency warden, leave the building immediately by the safest exit route.

Please be aware that the fire detection system is quite sensitive, and can be easily set-off by haze/smoke machines, cigarette smoke, etc. In the event of a false alarm, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade will charge $900 per truck, with a minimum of two trucks in attendance. This money will come from School budgets and will affect the amount we can spend on concerts/equipment/etc. If you wish to use anything that emits smoke or heat in our spaces, you MUST discuss it with PAC Resources/Technical staff first.

Watch this short video for further Monash University OHS information

Medical emergency

There are a number of trained first aid personnel in the PAC – including PAC Resources/Technical staff. There is also a list of all trained first aid personnel in the PAC, and their contact phone numbers, on each first aid kit in the building. If you are injured or feel unwell please seek out one of these people. Alternatively, you can go to the Campus Medical Centre in the Campus Centre (building #10).

If you require an Ambulance ring 000 (0 000 from a Monash office phone), and speak to the Operator. Once you have finished speaking with the Operator, you MUST ring Monash Security on 333 (or 9905 3333 from a mobile) and inform them that an Ambulance is on the way. Security will meet the Ambulance at the front gate and escort them to the emergency.

First aid kits
First aid kit locations:

  • Ground floor: Box Office (G24)

  • Ground floor: North wing near G02 (north wing corridor)

  • Ground floor: Foyer with break glass key (foyer)

  • Ground floor: Music Auditorium (G36)

  • First floor: School of Music kitchen (102)

    In working hours, seek out a trained member of PAC staff (list can be found on each first- aid kit). During after-hours times, contact Security on 53059.