Publication Highlights and Higher Degrees in Progress

9781843838074Recent Publication Highlights

Sarah CollinsThe Aesthetic Life of Cyril Scott (Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, 2013)

Gay Breyley, ‘Sima’s choices: Negotiating repertoires and identities in contemporary Iran’ in Women Singers in Global Contexts: Music, Biography, Identity, ed. Ruth Hellier, University of Illinois Press, 2013, 177–93

Aline Scott-Maxwell, ‘Australian encounters with an imagined China in early musical entertainment’, in Encounters: Musical Meetings between Australia and China, ed. Nicholas Ng, Australian Academic Press, 2013, 20–35

Margaret KartomiMusical Journeys in Sumatra (Champaign-Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2012)

Patrick Spedding and Paul Watt (eds)Bawdy Songbooks of the Romantic Period (4 vols.) (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2011)

Bronia Kornhauser, ‘Layers of identity in the 1960s surf rock icon Misirlou’, Musicology Australia 32/2 (2010): 185–201

Joel Crotty, ‘Ballet and the Australian way of life: The development of a national dance repertoire, 1951–61’, Acta Musicologica 82/2 (2010): 305–40

UnknownHigher Degrees in Progress (PhD)

Julia Cornwell, The Crucible: An American Opera by Robert Ward

Vahidei Eisaie, Iranian Children’s Songs in the Capital City of Iran, Tehran: A Study in Ethnomusicological Analysis of Rural and Urban areas

Sharifah Faizal, The Malay Art Song (Lagu Seriosa): History and Development in the Context of Musical Nationalism

John Garzoli, Contemporary Fusion Music in Thailand: Pathways and Obstacles to Musical and Cultural Innovation

Christian Griffiths, Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Demotic Song’ (with the School of English, Communications and Performance Studies)

Kieran Hancock, Transplantation, Reception and Responses in Australia (Melbourne) of the Choral Synagogue Music of South African Jews

Nadia Widyawati Madzh, Changes in the Traditional Ceremonies, Music and Dance in the Daily Life of the Melanau People of Sarawak, with Particular Reference to the Period 1983–2013

Nona Monahin, The Balletto Suites in the Choreographic Manuals of Fabritio Caroso and Cesare Negri: A Study of Danced Suites in Italy during the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries

Ari Palawi, The Malay Music Culture of Singkil and Kepulauan Banyak, Sumatra

Sean Priest, Traditions, Repertoires and Practices: Locating the Nineteenth-Century French Solo Valve Trumpet Tradition’

Stephanie Rocke, A History of the Concert Mass (with the School of Philosophy, Historical and International Studies)

Kate Sullivan, French Court-aires, with their Ditties Englished: How Language Influences Text Settings in the seventeenth-century French air de cour

Edi Yanto, Independent Music Inside Jogjakarta Palace Walls 2012–2017

Javier A. Silva Zurita, Ancestral and Modern Styles in Lafkenche Singing, Southern Chile.