Eleanor Cameron, violinist

Eleanor CameronIn July 2004 Eleanor completed her MA (Hons) in Music Performance and Research, exploring twentieth-century music written in response to war. She was supervised by Fintan Murphy and Joel Crotty and taught by Elizabeth Sellars. Since August 2005 Eleanor has been living and working in Inverness, Scotland, where she teaches and performs with various local chamber groups. She is also co-founder of the London-based Pentalpha Ensemble.

Eleanor writes:

‘Writing now on an autumnal October afternoon in the Scottish Highlands, Monash University feels incredibly far away. However, what I learned there, or rather the experience I gained through completing my Masters, is something that remains as present to me now as when I was studying. The reason for this of course is that what I left Monash with, aside from a degree I am proud of, was a greater sense of myself as a musician and a developing idea of where and how I could contribute to the world we live in.

Continually supported and encouraged by the staff, but nevertheless given the freedom to explore the project of my choosing, I was able to combine my love of musical performance with my interest in history to explore a topic that, although historical, is also a disturbing and continuing reality. That is, by means of researching and performing some of the music that reflected twentieth-century war, I was able to freely develop my own musical voice and attempt to transform, through performance, my historical knowledge and understanding into my present historical context. What the experience therefore gave me was a greater understanding of myself as a communicator, and the role that music among other art forms can play in deciphering our often crazy world. Importantly, my necessity and drive to foster greater understanding between people, at whatever level, and thus to contribute actively and positively to society is something that while it remains with me, was nurtured at Monash.