Daniela Kaleva, Lecturer: Music, University of SA

Daniela KalevaMy PhD experience at Monash was a great vehicle for personal and professional growth. In 2004 I completed my thesis on an analytical methodology of the melodrama technique by J.E. Eberlin, L. van Beethoven and C.M. von Weber. I was very fortunate to have been supervised by Associate Professor Craig De Wilde and the late Emeritus Professor Andrew D. McCredie.

The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music has a supportive research culture, where novices can find their way. The approachability of all staff and their interests in my progress gave me the confidence to realise new research ideas. Moreover, the atmosphere at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music allowed for creativity and deviation from the canons of musicology, which allowed me to pursue unconventional approaches.

The resources and facilities were sufficient; I am forever grateful to the Postgraduate Centre for providing an office for me, especially during the writing-up stage. The expertise of the music librarians and the document delivery staff were crucial to my research, requiring eighteenth-century primary sources and German literature. These librarians inspired me to pursue my interests in information management.

The excellent administrative support ensured that my studies were funded and backed up by field trips and conference attendances. For example, I was awarded a German government scholarship, Weimarer Klassik, which took me to Germany where I met and worked alongside some of the best specialists in my research field; the King’s College London/Monash Research Travel Grant Award allowed me to present two new papers in renowned institutions, and the Postgraduate Publication Award, Faculty of Arts, funded the writing of articles.