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Thursday 4th September:  This morning we had our first trial run of the Creative Music Technology Ensemble.  Not only did we give Ableton Live a good workout,  the new Moog also added some warm tones to the sound.  A few logistics to iron out,  but I’m confident this will become another of Monash’s fine music ensembles.


Tuesday 2nd September:   Today the departments new Moog Sub37 analogue synthesiser was delivered.  This is the latest synth from the famous Moog company.  Robert Moog was an electrical engineer and had a and a Ph.D. in engineering physics.  His most famous invention was the Mini Moog (model D),  a synth icon used in countless classics and is still considered a must for any studio.  Unfortunately they are prone to break down, so the new Sub37 is an excellent option for Monash.  Looking forward to hearing how the students use this amazing synth.


Thursday 28th August:  Second semester has seen CMT students exploring styles of electronic music,  experimental, ambient …ect….  Some great sounds coming out of the computer lab!!!   We’ve also begun mixing multitrack drum takes and are currently working on a big 39 channel mix.

Students are also creating a large vinyl sample montage,  which is producing some interesting results.  The library’s incredible vinyl collection has been a source of amazing sounds!!!!

photo 5 

 Monday 7th July:  What a great start to the year we had in Creative Music Technology.  We’re Monash music’s newest course and it’s been exciting to see the wider music community here embrace the CMT students.  We’ve recorded some of the fantastic jazz small ensembles and will begin mixing those recordings when semester 2 begins in a few weeks.  The CMT students have had a good introduction to Ableton’s Push controllers,  (which are hardware controllers for Ableton’s amazing software ‘Live’) and I’m looking forward to some live performances on the Push controllers later in the year.  

Key dates to remember for potential students:  

Two day short course – Creative Music Technology: 5th and 6th September 2015 

This course will include recording studio and digital music processes that will assist in the building of skills that focus on attaining the standards of the audition requirements.

• a guide to the audition process (performance, repertoire, aural test, interview)
• course overview

• introduction to studio and computer music production fundamentals

• live recording workshops

• computer music production workshops

• Ableton Push live performance workshop

Open day:  Sunday 3rd August

Here’s some pic’s of the CMT students doing their thing!!!!

_MG_9834  Our Push controllers.

_MG_9532  Recording a drum take!

_MG_9512  Adjusting levels on the mic pre’s.