Considered a music elective?

Spice up your degree with a music elective!  The School of Music offer a wide variety of units in all semesters, with subjects ranging from music performance, history, composition, ethnomusicology, conducting and much, much more.

Music elective units

Semester one

  • ATS1345 Music and History
  • ATS1899 Music theory and ear training
  • ATS1343 Popular music and culture: From spirituals to YouTube
  • ATS1347 Music ensemble 1
  • ATS2139 Song writing: How to write a pop tune
  • ATS2333 Jazz history 1: Readings in history and biography
  • ATS2687/ATS3687 African music: Musical change, social change and performance
  • ATS2800 Music ensemble 3
  • ATS2804 From the erotic to the exotic: Music in the nineteenth century
  • ATS2805 Global popular and roots music
  • ATS2807 Composition techniques: Structures, pitch and space
  • ATS2901 Music theory and ear training
  • ATS3021 Chamber music 1
  • ATS3818 Global popular and roots music
  • ATS3819 Applied music 1: Orchestration
  • ATS3822 Jazz history 2: Readings in improvisation and cross cultural musical relationships
  • ATS3824 Music in society: Musicians, performances and institutions
  • ATS3828 Music composition techniques: Film and orchestration
  • ATS3829 East Asia and its music: Silk road histories and popular contexts
  • ATS3899 Jazz composition/arranging 1

Semester two

  • ATS1346 Introduction to world musics
  • ATS1900 Music theory and ear training 
  • ATS2902 Music theory and ear training 4
  • ATS1342 Music and popular culture: Asia
  • ATS1344 Living gamelan: Gong-chime cultures in context
  • ATS1348 Music ensemble 2
  • ATS2060 The art of teaching music performance (Classical)
  • ATS2085 The art of teaching music performance (Improvisation)
  • ATS2139 Song writing: How to write a pop tune
  • ATS2799 Audio culture: From Cage to Gaga
  • ATS2801 Music ensemble 4
  • ATS2900 Music aesthetics and criticism
  • ATS2926/ATS3926 Performance studies: Indonesian gamelan
  • ATS3022 Chamber music 2
  • ATS3061 Music in Australian society
  • ATS3094 The music business: How to be successful in the music industry
  • ATS3820 Applied music 2: Conducting
  • ATS3821 From critical theory to creating new musical work
  • ATS3823 Music of north and south India
  • ATS3825 Western art music in the 20th and 21st century
  • ATS3900 Jazz composition/arranging 2

Overseas study units