Christopher Diffey, tenor

Christopher DiffeyFrom London, Christopher writes:

‘Having lived in London these past four years, I am often reminded of my time at Monash University, not least when I pass the London Monash offices on the number 15 bus!

When I started my BMus at Monash some ten years ago, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with myself and my music. The rich and varied subjects that were offered to me, along with the guidance of some amazingly dedicated and talented staff, helped shape the path I have been following ever since.

From a singing perspective, the focus on art song (Lieder) and technique, over more advanced repertoire such as opera, was exactly what I needed as a young singer and stood me in good stead when I moved to London upon completing my degree. The inspiration I gained from my fellow students lead me to pursue my operatic studies further afield in London, where I recently completed three years postgraduate work at the Royal Academy of Music.

One direct example of the impact my time at Monash has had on my career came recently, when an opportunity came up to take part in a new work involving two 20th Century compositions, singing, dancing/movement and a new lighting technology.

Without the grounding I received at Monash from Thomas Reiner in 20th-century composition, I would not have had a chance of being involved in so interesting and rewarding a project.

So I think it would be safe to say that Monash University has had a very real, profound and direct impact on my professional career, for which I am extremely grateful.’