After Hours Procedure

Rehearsing alone after-hours

If you intend on rehearsing alone after-hours we strongly recommend that you inform someone of your location, and have an agreement in place whereby you make contact with that person every 30 minutes, or hour. If you fail to check in as agreed, that person should contact Monash Security on 9905 3333 and inform them where you are, and that they need to check on you.

Security is notified each afternoon via email by resource officer of all booked after hours bookings for that evening or weekend period.

Please see Grace Chong in Room 201. Bookings can also be made by calling 9905 1233 or emailing


  • After hours use must be booked by 3.30pm on the day of the booking, and by 2.30pm on Friday for weekend bookings;
  • Access for these rooms is by FOB, which must be collected from room 201 by 4.30pm on the day of the booking, and by 4.30pm on Friday for weekend bookings, FOB`s may also be obtained from PAC Resources/Technical Staff up until 8pm – Security staff will not provide access;
  • Students cannot make bookings for other students – the booking must be for you;
  • No more than six students are allowed in any room during after-hours periods;

 Working late (Security escort)

If you are working late in the PAC, and don’t feel comfortable walking alone to your car or the bus stop, etc., you can ring Monash Security on 9905 3059 (53059 from an internal phone) and request a guard escort you to where you are going.

 Students using performances spaces after-hours

 Please consider the activity you are planning after hours and what risks may be involved.

An Activity Plan will need to be completed and approved by your Coordinator or Supervisor before you can obtain a key or FOB for the room booking.

 In Case of an Emergency

 For non life threatening emergency call Security on 333 and advise of your location.

For life threatening emergency call Emergency Services on (0)000 internal phone or 000 from a mobile, then call Security on 333 and advise of your location.