A Career in Music

The vision of the  Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music  at Monash University is to create the complete 21st century musician – A musician that specialises with musical diversity.

This parallels the diversity of choice for our students seeking employment in music related fields. Most of these music career options don’t offer  an adequate sole  income. So, for many musicians they  simultaneously work in several music related fields. For example, it is common for musicians to work as a freelance performer, recording their musical projects, some composition (film or television) as well as some private instrumental teaching. This is why the education offered at Monash University is so unique – specialisation with diversity. The School of Music excels in the  training  of musicians to the highest professional standards in music of both Western and non- Western tradition and industry engagement -performance –  composition- technology – pedagogy (teaching) – music business.

Music graduates also work in a vast range of occupations, including in the corporate and business sectors, arts industry, government and private sectors. It has been shown that employers across these sectors appoint music graduates based on their high-level transferable skills, including in critical and analytical thinking, creativity and their ability to think ‘outside the box’. In addition to these possibilities, the following music-specific careers are also pursued by graduates:


Here is  list of career options which is a guide for people wishing to work in music. These have a direct link to the subjects taught at the School of Music.


  • composition
  • ethnomusicology
  • musicianship
  • musicology
  • performance
  • technology
  • music librarian/archivist
  • research assistant
  • technician


  • freelance
  • theatre/dance
  • film/video/tv
  • community music
  • composer in residence


  • arts administrator
  • community music officer
  • concert management
  • critic/reviewer
  • film/video/tv
  • radio
  • instrument building/maintenance
  • multimedia production
  • music management/promotion
  • retail industry
  • music notation/typesetting
  • music librarian/archivist
  • producer
  • recording engineer
  • live sound engineer
  • MIDI/computer programming


  • accompanist
  • conductor
  • freelance
  • orchestral
  • chamber music
  • popular/rock/jazz
  • performer in residence


  • Government School classroom
  • Private School classroom
  • Government School instrumental
  • Private School instrumental
  • private instrumental
  • private theory