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The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music strives to inspire musicians towards excellence that knows no boundries. In scholarship, performance, composition and creative music technology our aim is to develop the musician of tomorrow through a progressive, holistic and culturally diverse approach.

The hallmarks of our graduates are a heightened familiarity with recent Australian music and its place in the world, and a consolidated understanding of the importance of diversity in music practice –  inclusive of gender, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Our students are collaborative, innovative and forward looking. They are our future cultural leaders and custodians of the music of our time.

The School excels in classical, jazz and popular music performance, its internationally renowned ethnomusicology and musicology programs, and vibrant programs in composition and creative music technology. We work in close collaboration with the Monash Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA) to provide extraordinary performance opportunities in some of the best music venues in Australia. We offer a wide range of scholarships for incoming and ongoing students. 

Find out about our Bachelor of Music or about studying a music major in the Bachelor of Arts.

The Bachelor of Music offers  overseas study programs specific to music in Prato (Italy) and New York (USA). The wide-ranging undergraduate program has specialisations in classical performance, jazz performance, popular voice, ethnomusicology and musicology, composition and creative music technology (CMT). The School offers honours and postgraduate degrees across all specialisations, and is a vital centre for a wide range of Research.

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