Audition Preparation

What do I prepare for my audition? Please go to the following links for the relevant audition requirements.

If you have any further questions, please submit your enquiry via Ask Monash

I have registered for an audition.  When will I find out my audition date/time?

Within a week of you registering we will email you:

  • to confirm receipt of your registration
  • the date we will notify your audition time.

This registration confirmation email will contain details of when you can expect to be notified of your audition date/time.

Popular Voice

If I wish to be considered for both Jazz and Popular voice do I need to complete two separate auditions? Yes.  Auditions for Jazz Voice and Popular Voice are separate.

Audition Preparation Courses

What audition preparation courses are available?

This year, we have one combined Audition Preparation Short Course for Jazz and Popular Studies

 Who can I contact for more information about the Audition Preparation Course?

For Jazz and Popular Studies enquiries, please contact Associate Professor Robert Burke

Is there a Classical Audition Preparation Course At this stage, no.  There is no audition course for Classical Performance.  If you have any questions regarding Classical Performance Auditions, please contact Ask Monash


Can I audition for Musicology/Ethnomusicology? 

Can Musicology/Ethnomusicolgy be my major commencing in first year?

Musicology/Ethnomusicology can be pursued as a major from second year. Applicants wishing to major in Musicology/Ethnomusicology must complete first year in one of the following streams (a successful audition is required to enter the Course): 
Creative Music Technology


How do I apply for the audition? Please read Before you register – have you applied? and Registration.
If I missed the Recommended registration date outlined in the Audition Schedule, am I still able to audition? Yes. The Recommended registration dates were listed to enable applicants to have a timely audition. If you register after this point, you will still be seen but there may be little flexibility for rescheduling.
Can I audition for more than one instrument? Yes, you can. Ensure you register for all instruments (and relevant stream) you wish to audition for (e.g Jazz Piano, Classical Piano and Classical Flute).

  • Note that each Instrument/Stream requires a separate audition and thus each attracts a $70 fee.
  • You will ultimately major in only one instrument/stream. If you pass the audition for more than one, you need to confirm which you will be studying before the start of your first semester.


When are the auditions/interviews held?

  • Performance audition dates for 2019 entry are 24 – 27 September and 19 November  –  7 December .
  • Composition applicants, please refer to Composition Submission Procedure
  • All auditions and interviews will be held at the Performing Arts Centre at the Monash Clayton Campus
  • If you are unable to attend in person, you may submit a recorded audition (performance) or have your interview conducted via Skype (composition).
  • The audition schedule
What does the audition/interview involve?

Can the School assist in finding me an accompanist for the audition?

The School can provide a list of recommended accompanists for classical auditions if requested.  For Jazz auditions, we will put you in touch with some current students who can assist you. 

Please contact Ask Monash

Will I receive feedback on my audition?

When you audition, you will be provided with some immediate feedback. However, applicants are not provided with detailed individual feedback on their audition.

When will I find out if I have passed the audition?

An audition outcome notification email will be sent to the email address provided on the online performance audition/composition submission form.

Applicants will be notified of their audition outcome within 5 working days of their audition.

Entry Requirements

Do I have to be a certain AMEB level? No.  There is no minimum AMEB level and you do not need to have sat any AMEB exams as an audition requirement.  As an indication of what level you should be at, our academic staff recommend AMEB level 7.  Please note this a rough guide only, you do not need to have sat the exams.
I am already a level 8 in my instrument.  Do I still have to audition? Yes, every applicant must either do an audition (for performance) or submit a folio (for composition and creative music technology).
Do I still need to achieve a particular ATAR score if I do a successful audition/ interview? Yes. The Faculty of Arts at Monash University sets a minimum ATAR score. Entry to the Bachelor of Music program depends on both the audition outcome and your ATAR.
I successfully auditioned last year but didn’t receive an offer. If I apply again do I have to audition again? Applicants must re-audition if a year has passed. For example, if you successfully passed the audition for 2018 semester 1 intake but did not receive an offer, you will need to audition again for the 2019 semester 1 intake.
Is there someone I can speak to for advice on studying Music at Monash? Yes, please call 1800 MONASH (666 274) for further advice regarding the Bachelor of Music.  If you have specific questions about auditions, please send us your questions online.
If I don’t receive an offer, is there another way I can get in to study Music? Please read the information regarding Pathway Courses on the Arts Future Students webpage.  You may also contact Monash Connect for further advice – 1800 MONASH (666 274)

Audition/Interview dates and Rescheduling

Why are you auditioning/interviewing over different dates? It’s confusing!

We need the extra dates to give everyone a fair chance to audition and be advised of their outcome in time to adjust their VTAC preferences if necessary. It also means that we can accommodate rescheduling requests.

I will be on holidays for part of the audition period.  Can this be accommodated for?

Due to the volume of applications received, individual scheduling requests cannot be accommodated in the initial schedule. It is recommended that applicants be available for the whole of the relevant audition period.

  • If however, you cannot attend your scheduled audition/interview, please follow the advice provided in the confirmation email that will be sent outlining the details of your audition.
  • Composition applicants will have a little more flexibility due to the nature of their interview/audition
I don’t live in Melbourne; can I do a recorded audition?

Yes, you can submit a recorded audition though it is strongly recommended that you attend your audition in person if possible.

Apply as normal and wait until you receive the confirmation email with your audition details. If you cannot make the scheduled session, follow the directions in this email.

I don’t live in Melbourne; do I have to attend my Composition interview in person?

Interviews allow a little more flexibility and arrangements may be able to be made for a Skype/phone interview, at the discretion of staff involved.

Apply as normal and wait until you receive the confirmation email with your audition details. If you cannot make the scheduled session, follow the directions in this email.


I’ve changed my mind about applying for Music but have already registered for an audition. Can I get a refund?

Yes, please submit an enquiry via Ask Monash to cancel your audition and request a refund of the audition fee.  You must cancel your audition at least 24 hours before your scheduled time to be eligible for a refund.