Creative Music Technology

Creative Music Technology at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music is focused on the creative application of technology within professional music, sound, broadcast and multimedia and research contexts. More information on Creative Music Technology at Monash can be found here.


**Mid-year applicants please note:  if successful, you will not be able to enrol in your specialist study unit ATS1048 Creative Music Technology 1 until semester 1, 2017.  To discuss how this may impact your course progression, please contact Arts Student Services.


Once registrations have closed for auditions, we will schedule auditions and notify all applicants by email.  Mid-year Entry Auditions will be held in early July and you can expect to receive your confirmation by the end of the last week of June.

In the meantime, you should prepare for your audition

  • Two contrasting pieces in any style: the applicant may play (or sing) a piece in which they are the soloist, or where they have a significant solo part.
    The performance may be with an accompanist, a band or as a soloist.
  • Two contrasting pieces created using a digital audio workstation. To be played in the audition on either a music device (iPod or iPhone) or laptop, (PA for amplification supplied).

 When we contact you with your audition date/time we will ask you to prepare the following information for your audition

  • Your background in music including the instrument(s) you play, the number of years you’ve played them, whether you have taken any formal music lessons and/or music theory courses.
  • Your background in music technology including the software(s) you have you worked with, the number of years.
  • Why you are interested in studying Creative Music Technology at Monash University