Auditions for 2014

Auditions for 2015

Auditions for 2014

Registrations will open 4 August and close 30 September. Early registration is strongly recommended so that we can process your details and start providing you with more information as fast as possible.

Performance registrations

Performance auditions will be held 29 September – 3 October and 1 – 12 December. A detailed breakdown of when specific instruments will be auditioned is now available on the Audition Schedule webpage.

Please note: if you are auditioning for an instrument that is scheduled 29 September – 3 October, please complete your registration by Sunday 31 August 2014.

Composition registrations

Composition folios are due Friday 10 October 2014, with follow-up interviews being held November 2014.

Creative Music Technology registrations

Creative Music Technology auditions will be held 1 – 12 December.