Self-harming and starving for a visa: inside Broadmeadows detention centre

100472391What would you do to be granted leave to live in a safe and prosperous country? For some desperate asylum seekers being held at Broadmeadows detention centre while their claims to stay in Australia are processed, self-harm, hunger strikes and suicide attempts seem increasingly a solution to ending the wait. And after the rules were changed in August last year to offer “no advantage” to people arriving in Australia on boats rather than applying for refugee status off-shore, the problem is reportedly worsening. mojo reports.


ASYLUM seekers are mounting hunger strikes, self-harm and suicide attempts apparently in a bid to fast-track their applications to live in Australia.

Some held at Broadmeadows detention centre in Melbourne are said to associate self-harm with release into the community and among the latest victims of this trend are a 17-year-old Iraqi boy and a Hazara man in his 20s who, according to reports, have tried to take their own lives within the past few weeks. 

Refugee groups and media are putting the detention centre under a renewed spotlight as a result. mojo reporter Mustafa Nuristani gained access to Broadmeadows and its detainees, and investigates the issue in this exclusive report.