Live vicariously with J Mac at Comedy Festival

One of the world’s biggest comedy festivals, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, brings all the best acts to the yard but for mojo’s Killian Plastow, it’s one local comedian that really stands out.


by Killian Plastow

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is on once more, bringing some of the best comedic talent from around the world, and giving the opportunity for local comedians to come to the fore. One such local is Justine McInerny, also known as J Mac.

Spanning territory from Barbie/Ken relationships to feminine hygiene, J Mac doesn’t shy away from any topic and is more than willing to cross the line on most of them. Her show ‘Live Vicariously’ is full of witty anecdotes, various bucket lists, photos and songs that all prove one thing: J Mac is as shameless as she is hilarious.

Her observations about social media are brilliant, covering everything from Facebook stalkers to a theory about what Jesus would post. Nowhere else will you find as entertaining a PowerPoint presentation than her dissection of status updates.

J Mac’s show also boasts a collection of musical numbers complete with sing-alongs and dance moves for the crowd to join in. Her songs are as varied in topic as the rest of her show with highlights being the closing number ‘Disco Fanny’ and a parody of Nelly Furtado’s 2001 single ‘Turn Off The Light’ in which she does an excellent job of hitting the high notes.

The show never loses pace, breaking one taboo and moving right on to the next and in each case J Mac has her unique perspective to offer. She segues neatly between each of the jokes and is more than happy to make a mockery of herself for the amusement of her audience. Even when  a minor technical problem interfered with the punchline, she took it in her stride.

J Mac is definitely a name to watch. Not afraid to speak her unique and entertaining mind, her current show will leave you feeling embarrassed by your online habits (regardless of what they may be) and wondering what should be on your bucket list. This show is well worth your time.