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  • Electroconvulsive therapy is gentler and more effective than people might think, according to the psychiatrists who believe it is an essential weapon to fight deep depression. Under new mental health laws,  it can still be used on young children. By AMY-ANN RUCK New mental health laws that came into effect on July 1 in Victoria permit electroconvulsive therapy ... Read more


  • The dangerous situation in West Papua has brought together a group of indigenous musicians hoping to provide joyous entertainment, while raising awareness of their fight for freedom. By TIFFANY KORSSEN West Papuan Ronny Kareni and his Melbourne-based string band have much more than an impressive assortment of wooden instruments. What makes this band unique is a lifelong vision to free ... Read more

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  •   Hundreds of women around Australia are pledging to wear no makeup for 24 hours tomorrow, Friday, August 29, in order to combat negative body image.  By JORDANA DE VALLE Australian women will wipe off their makeup tomorrow as part of the 2014 Makeup Free Me “let’s lift the mask” campaign. According to market research company GfK Australia, only 37 per cent ... Read more


  • We rely on tap water to be safe, and expect to be told if it’s not. But residents of Phillip Island were exposed to water with high levels of  a disinfectant by-product that could potentially cause cancer. A report written by Friends of the Earth Land Use researcher Anthony Amis concluded that over an eight-year period, water authority Westernport Water was in breach ... Read more


  • Erotic art is the subject of a show in Melbourne this month set up to challenge what is being described as ambiguous and stifling rules about sex in art. The show will coincide with the decision on whether confronting local artist Paul Yore is guilty of creating child pornography. By TIFFANY KORSSEN A competition that celebrates erotic art ... Read more


  • A Melbourne man has set a new mark in one of the world’s most gruelling events. By JULIE TULLBERG Melbourne athlete John van Wisse has smashed the world record of the Enduroman Arch to Arc ultra-triathlon, a tough challenge from London to Paris, after fighting atrocious conditions across the English Channel. Van Wisse, clocked 61hrs 27min – 12hrs 12min ... Read more

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  •  Use is sky-rocketing,  users can be extremely aggressive and paranoid and there’s no accepted treatment. In what’s starting to look like an epidemic, the use of crystal methamphetamines, known as ice, has become a scourge across the state. By SOPHIE BOUSTEAD Travis, who’s 24, tells youth services  he wants to commit a “massive crime” to escape his current life. He has ... Read more