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  • People who have had problems with Victoria’s mental health system have finally been  given a voice. The state’s first Mental Health Complaints Commissioner is part of a long-awaited update of the state’s antiquated laws.   By DIANA HODGETTS Victoria’s antiquated mental health system is finally getting a long awaited overhaul with the introduction of a Mental Health Complaints Commission. Before the new Mental Health Act ... Read more


  • Casual employment figures look relatively healthy from the outside, but the hard truth is that people on lower incomes are also those with the least access to benefits such as sick leave and job security. In fact, 65 per cent of hospitality workers receive no paid entitlements.  By JASON WALLS The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ most recent employee earnings and benefits ... Read more

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  • You might lose a night’s sleep, but in the process you’ll be helping young people who are homeless and struggling to get by. Get on board for Sleepless in September. By KIRSTI WEISZ The social enterprise STREAT will be hosting its annual Sleepless in September campaign on Friday September 19, an event that seeks to promote awareness for youth ... Read more


  • It grows everywhere across Australia, but it was nearly accidentally banned because of one of its less benign uses. With applications from food to weapons to cancer treatment, Australia’s national plant has a surprising amount to offer. BY TIFFANY KORSSEN The first of this month marked an annual celebration of national identity for Australians. Unlike the widely publicised and often raucous gatherings of ... Read more


  • Erotic art is the subject of a show in Melbourne this month set up to challenge what is being described as ambiguous and stifling rules about sex in art. The show will coincide with the decision on whether confronting local artist Paul Yore is guilty of creating child pornography. By TIFFANY KORSSEN A competition that celebrates erotic art ... Read more


  •  Looking to forge a career as a personal trainer?  It’s harder than you think. By TOLI PAPADOPOULOS  The ads on radio say we should ditch the schoolbooks and become personal trainers, and start enjoying the benefits of staying fit and being your own boss. The reality suggests it’s not as easy as it sounds. Nick Hall has been working in the fitness ... Read more

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  • Victoria’s universities are struggling to retain indigenous students despite increases in admissions. Tailored support services are slowly starting to make a difference at Monash and Melbourne universities, and increasing numbers are grabbing the chance to improve their results.   By LUKE MORTIMER Deakin University had Victoria’s highest proportion of indigenous enrolments in 2012 at 1.53 per cent, a 15 per cent ... Read more