Working in New Guinea – updates on Archaeology


Professor Glenn Summerhayes

Wednesday 9th April, 2pm to 3pm
Monash Indigenous Centre Library
Building 55 level 2. Clayton Campus

The seminar will present a personal overview of working in Papua New Guinea, through looking at the role of Government institutions to the critical nature of local community involvement and the importance of doing good and responsible archaeology. I will present updates on two projects. The first looks at the earliest occupation of New Guinea at 50,000 years ago and research in the Ivane Valley, while the second looks at new perspectives of Austronesian occupations at 3500-3000 years ago and research in both New Ireland and the north coast.

Professor Summerhayes is a prominent archaeologist working in Near Oceania. His research has made significant contributions in our understanding of this region’s past and has placed New Zealand at the forefront of archaeological research in Near Oceania. His major significant advances concerns first, the initial colonisation of New Guinea in which he extended occupation to 50-44,000 years ago (published in the journal Science), and secondly, the nature of the Lapita colonisation in Near Oceania beginning some 3,300 years ago, in which he demonstrated that these colonists were highly mobile and interactive peoples. His significant contribution to the archaeology of New Guinea was recognised by the Nation of PNG by awarding him the honour of Officer of the Order of Logohu (OL) in the 2014 New Years Honours list.

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