Student testimonies

I majored in Indigenous Cultures and Histories because I am an Aboriginal person and needed to know all I can about Indigenous history and issues. It’s important that students think about doing something in Indigenous Cultures and Histories so as not to be ignorant about my people and the issues facing them. Non-Indigenous students could play an important role in reconciliation by overcoming community ignorance about dispossession and ongoing racism. Think about doing Indigenous Cultures and Histories in your degree, it will enrich your life and help your understanding of Australian history… I’m now studying Law and my Indigenous Cultures and Histories major has helped me enormously.
Lynda Nicholson, Arts/Law

As a student majoring in Indigenous Cultures and Histories, I was able to learn about and engage with Indigenous issues on a deeper level. The staff at MISC were also very supportive of my community-based research. If you are interested in working with or creating links in the Indigenous community, I recommend studying Indigenous Cultures and Histories at Monash.
Liam Campbell, PhD candidate

I would recommend studying Indigenous Cultures and Histories because it not only increases your employment opportunities as an Arts student, but it also gives you the chance to explore yourself as a person. I majored in Indigenous Cultures and Histories because I want to work in an area that makes a difference. I am now an Honours student, and because of Indigenous Cultures and Histories I have an understanding of Indigenous communities and the issue they face in Australia today and in the past.
Rose Quinn, BA

I’m now employed as a project officer, running forums for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students in the areas of reconciliation,Treaty and health. I believe it is vital for Australians to properly engage in the black history and contemporary issues facing Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. A major in Indigenous Cultures and Histories is the best way to do this. To explore the issues, to better your understanding of Indigenous issues and to examine your role in all of it…
Nick Cowan, BA

The Monash Indigenous Studies Centre at Monash University prides itself on the quality of its teaching and the accessibility of its staff. By studying with us you will be encouraged to engage in what it means to be an Australian today, how our history might have unfolded differently, how Australia can further enhance its democratic ideals. By learning more about Australian Indigenous peoples, cultures and histories you will embark on a journey to discover more about yourself and non-Indigenous Australian society.