Aurora Project

Aurora Native Title Internship Program

The Monash Indigenous Centre at the Clayton campus holds interviews twice yearly for intake into the Aurora Native Title Internship Program.

The program introduces students of anthropology and some social sciences (archaeology, cultural heritage, environmental management, history, human geography and sociology) to career opportunities in native title, policy, social justice and Indigenous affairs. The Aurora program aims to provide assistance to anthropology and research staff of under-resourced and over-worked native title representative bodies, native title service providers, and other organisations working in these areas including: Indigenous corporations, government bodies, community groups, not-for-profit organisations and policy organisations.

Students from universities in Melbourne, including Monash, submit applications for the internships and are interviewed by staff members at the Monash Indigenous Centre. Assoc.Prof. John Bradley who coordinates the program for Arts-based applicants says that the program has been very successful and, as a general rule, Monash students are very well prepared for undertaking the internships.

A number of Monash university graduates have found full time employment with various native title representative bodies around Australia, while for other students the internships confirm their desire to work with Indigenous affairs and policy or to continue postgraduate studies in the area. Successful students have been based with various Indigenous representative bodies in Melbourne, Brisbane, Torres Strait, Darwin, Perth, Kalgoorlie, Broome and Alice Springs.

Applying for the Internship Program

Any students who would like to consider making application for the Aurora Internships should view the required details on the Aurora Project site or can make an appointment to speak with Assoc.Prof. John Bradley at the Monash Indigenous Centre.


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