Past Seminars

Recorded previous seminars

Listed below are recordings of previous seminars available from the Elizabeth Eggleston Memorial Collection:

  • Dr Barry Judd, Monash University, Aboriginal Identity and Nationalism in Australian Football (2007)
  • Prof Lynette Russell, Monash University, From Anthropological Specimen to Historical Actor: William Lanne, Whaler, Shipmate and Friend (2007)
  • Mr Jeremy Ash, Monash PhD candidate, Lining the Path, Mission Sites in Northeastern Australia (2007)
  • Dr Gwenda Baker, Monash University, The Boycott: Goulburn Island Activists and the Missionaries (2007)
  • Dr John Bradley, Dr Amanda Kearney and Mr Tom Chandler, Monash University, I Saw My Mother’s Song (2008)
  • Dr Andrew Gunstone, Monash University, ‘Unfinished Business: the Australian Reconciliation Process’ (2008)
  • Dr Therese Davis, Film and TV Studies, School of English, Communication and Performance Studies, Collaborative Moments: Indigenous and non-Indigenous Partnerships in Australian Film (2008)
  • Prof Jane McMillan, St Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada, Seeking Netukulimk: An exploration of Mi’Kmaq Law Ways in Resource Relations (2008)
  • Mr Bryan Fricker, Monash PhD candidate, Apology or Excuse? An Opportunity Lost? A Critical Discourse Analysis of Brendan Neslon’s Apology to the Stolen Generation (2008)
  • Dr George Mukuka, University of Johannesburg, South Africa, The Making of the Catholic Indigenous Clergy in South Africa (2008)
  • Dr Stephen Pritchard, Monash University, The Culture of Multiculturalism: Reflections of the Question of Culture and Cultural Diversity (2008)
  • Dr Ian Lilley, Queensland University, Archaeology and the ‘tyranny of participation’: have we avoided a backlash or is it still coming? (2008)
  • Dr Sue Taffe, Honorary Research Associate, Monash University, Fighting Friendships: campaigners for Aboriginal rights, 1950s–1970s
  • Dr Sean Gorman, Melbourne University, Blak Magik: Indigenous participation and the AFL
  • Dr Denise Cuthbert, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University, Sorry business and yet more sorry business: Reconciling the politics of black and white ‘stolen’ children in contemporary Australia
  • Mr Michael Aird, Monash University, Photographers and Aborigines in South East Queensland: 1860 to 1920
  • Dr Lachlan Paterson, University of Otago, Indigenous-language Print Culture: Colonial Discourses and Indigenous Agency
  • Dr Angela Wanhalla, University of Otago, Unexpected Intimacies: William White and the Wesleyan Mission in Australasia, 1827–1875
  • Dr Stephen Pritchard,, Monash University, Colonialism and the Politics of Law and Order in the mid–1800s

William Cooper Memorial Lecture

The 2009 Biennial William Cooper Lecture, The State of Indigenous Education: From Challenge to Optimism, was presented by Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney, Director, Yunggorendi, First Nations Centre for Higher Education and Research, Flinders University, South Australia.

A DVD of Professor Rigney’s presentation is available in the Elizabeth Eggleston Memorial Collection on request. A printed copy of the presentation transcript is also available. Please contact MIC if you require a copy.