Career Paths

  • Why study Australian Indigenous Studies

    Many people come to study Australian Indigenous Studies because they have a personal desire to gain a better understanding of Australian Indigenous peoples and cultures. Others wish to enhance their understanding of Australian history and current issues of national significance such as reconciliation, land rights and Australian identity. Such outcomes confirm that Australian Indigenous Studies excels in equipping students for ‘citizenship’ ensuring they are informed members of our democratic society.

    This is rewarding if you view the objective of tertiary education as assess to a broad liberal arts education. For most students, however, tertiary education is primarily considered a pathway to improved employment outcomes and in this respect Australian Indigenous Studies is often considered irrelevant.

    How taking Australian Indigenous Studies can help you

    These are just some of the skills developed by students who undertake Australian Indigenous Studies:

    • Written and oral communication
    • Research and presentation skills
    • Analysing and using information
    • Flexibility and adaptability
    • Collaboration, discussion and debate
    • Self-expression and self-reliance
    • Reflection and critical judgement
    • The ability to deal with people
    • Cross-cultural communication skills
    • Expertise in Indigenous affairs

  • Graduates of Australian Indigenous Studies are found in occupations throughout the economy. Some work in the private sector, many work in the public sector. In the private sector graduates are increasingly sought by Australian industry in areas such as mining, agriculture, tourism and the arts. They fulfil a range of tasks from policy advisors, community liaison ... Read more
  • Australian Indigenous Studies will contribute toward employment opportunities in: Indigenous organisations—government, non-government or community organisations Journalism Editing, writing, publishing Law, Justice Department and Aboriginal Legal Services Business research and analysis, corporate or community management Human resources—training and development Administration in public or private sector Diplomacy, foreign affairs, and politics (Monash seems to be a good training ground for politicians!) Teaching (with the additional education ... Read more
  • I majored in Indigenous Studies because I am an Aboriginal person and needed to know all I can about Indigenous history and issues. It’s important that students think about doing something in Indigenous Studies so as not to be ignorant about my people and the issues facing them. Non-Indigenous students could play an important role ... Read more