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  • Wednesday 20th August, 2pm to 3pm. Monash Indigenous Centre Library, Building 55 level 2. Clayton Campus. Mickey Akwerre Pengarte Dow Dow was a Northern Arrernte man born at Harry Creek, Central Australia around 1856. Dow Dow had been present when Spencer and Gillen documented Arrernte ceremonies at Alice Springs in the summer of 1896. In ... Read more
  • Dr Sandy O’Sullivan. Wednesday 16th April, 2pm to 3pm. Monash Indigenous Centre Library, Building 55 level 2. Clayton Campus Read More... Read more
  • Wednesday 9th April, 2pm to 3pm. The seminar will present a personal overview of working in Papua New Guinea, through looking at the role of Government institutions to the critical nature of local community involvement and the importance of doing good and responsible archaeology. I will present updates on two projects. Read More... Read more
  • Wed 2 April, 2-3pm. Monash Indicgenous Centre Library. Professor Kate Auty (La Trobe University School of Business and Law); Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Victoria, formerly Chair of the Ministerial Read More... Read more
  • WEDNESDAYS 2-3 PM Elizabeth Eggleston Library, Building 55, Room 204 (level 2) The next Seminar will be: 26 MARCH 2014 Reflections on a disputed past: a reconsideration of the 19th century ethnographic works of James and Isabella Dawson and E.M. Curr. Read More... Read more
  • The social life of caves: a new archaeological-geomorphological approach, with examples from France and Aboriginal Australia 12 MARCH 2014 Bruno David Abstract: Caves and rockshelters are a key component of the archaeological record but are often regarded as natural places conveniently exploited by human communities. Archaeomorphological study shows however that they are not inert spaces but have frequently ... Read more
  • One of our post grads here in MIC Phil Adgemis has just been awarded this prestigious scholarship. Phil also tutors in our first year unit: ATS1254Culture , Power and Difference For Details See here: http://history.cass.anu.edu.au/minoru-hokari-scholarship Read More... Read more
  • ATS2019/3019 – Perspectives on Indigenous Art: Production, meaning and symbolism Co-ordinator: Dr Liam Brady Synopsis Indigenous ‘art’ is a highly visible and recognizable symbol of peoples’ engagement with their cultural identity, history and traditions. In this unit, students examine early and recent forms of Indigenous visual traditions (e.g. rock-art, bark paintings, sculpture) to learn about their role and ... Read more