Top media editors explain why journalism is important

Laurent Joffrin, co-editor of Libération.
Laurent Joffrin, co-editor of Libération.

By Colleen Murrell
Undergraduate Coordinator for Journalism at Monash University

Earlier this year I filmed a number of interviews with senior media editors and I asked them what they believed was the point of journalism today.

Are journalists still the watchdogs of society?  And if so, how should they engage better with their audiences in order to improve the tasks of investigation, interpretation and dissemination?

Dr Colleen Murrell.

The editors are from a range of mainstream and digital outlets from the UK, France and Australia, including Le Monde, The Times and The Huffington Post.

The video interviews were edited by Gerard Escaich I Folch, a journalism exchange student from Barcelona.

The page was created and produced by Monash lecturer Julie Tullberg.


Daniel Fisher, BBC world newsgathering assignment editor 

Laurent Joffrin, co-editor of Libération 

Gaven Morris, ABC director of news


John Witherow, editor of The Times


Jérôme Fenoglio, editor-in-chief Le Monde


Alexandre Kara, national news director for France Télévisions 

Stephen Hull, former editor-in-chief Huffington Post UK 


Pierre Haski, co-founder of Rue 89


Christopher Dickey, world news editor of The Daily Beast