Monash Media Lab and Building B access

If you are a Media Film and Journalism student requesting access to facilities in the Monash Media Lab, you must register for access online. Please refer to your unit’s Moodle site for information about the facilities available.

Access to the Monash Media Lab can only be provided if you are an MFJ student with a current Monash ID card. If your card has an expiry date that has passed, please contact Monash Connect for a new card.

Click on the Register for Swipe Card Access link below and complete the online form to register for facilities access by selecting Register for access under the Restrictions column of Building B, Rm. 536 (Mac Lab 1). Registration to this one area provides access to all rooms available to your profile.

  • You must be logged in through the portal to access the form.
  • Processing time for building access can take up to 3 working days.
  • Print and save a copy of your receipt of registration as proof of access.

Click here to Register for Swipe Card Access


The table below shows the rooms that you’re profile will give you access to:

Rooms (24-hour access) Journalism Undergraduate Students MFJ Undergraduate Students MFJ Post Graduate Students
B5.36 – Mac Lab 1 Y Y Y
B5.54 – Mac Lab 2 Y Y Y
B5.26 – Newsroom Y Y
B5.28 – Voice Over Booths / Newsroom Y Y
B5.29 – Editing Room 1 Y Y Y
B5.30 – Editing Room 2 Y Y Y
B5.11 – Editing Rooms 3-5 Y Y Y

Booking Voice Over and Editing Rooms

Once your access has been approved and processed by Security, click the link below to book Voice Over and Editing Rooms in the Monash Media Lab using (SiSo).

MFJ Resources Bookings System – (SiSo)

How to Contact Us

Please let us know if you have any questions about technical equipment, technical training or how to use the resource booking systems. We need to be informed as soon as possible if you are experiencing problems, so please contact one of our technical staff for assistance.

For Equipment/Facilities Bookings and SiSo Enquires please send an email to: