Birnbauer awarded Vice Chancellor Special Commendation

Monash senior lecturer Bill Birnbauer
Monash senior lecturer Bill Birnbauer

Senior lecturer Bill Birnbauer has been awarded a Special Commendation from Monash University Vice Chancellor, Professor Ed Byrne, for his innovative work on the Dangerous Ground website.

The Special Commendation was awarded under the category of Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning 2013. 

The staff nominated for these awards represent Monash University’s highest level of excellence, innovation and best practice. 

Professor Byrne said the selection panel was “very impressed” with the work done on the site and that the nomination showed evidence of considerable achievement in learning and teaching. 

Mr Birnbauer said he was thrilled the Vice Chancellor and the selection committee recognised the contribution to student learning of the Dangerous Ground project.

“I also think it’s important to know that the university supports the production of quality journalism by students and journalism lecturers at a time when key media organisations are shedding experienced staff,” he said.

“Student journalism is adding to the pool of public information and I believe that universities have a civic duty to create informative content that professional journalists may not have the time or resources to do. 

“I also wanted to thank the many students who worked on stories and the Monash University’s Arts Online Presence Team that stabilised the site and fix technical issues as they arise.”

Dangerous Ground won a Monash Arts Faculty award, which was announced by the Dean, Rae Frances, and a Journalism Education Association of Australia Ossie award for convergent journalism.  

The Dangerous Ground program was devised as part of Mr Birnbauer’s  investigative reporting unit for Masters and undergraduate students.