Media experts lead The Conversation

Monash University media experts Dr David Holmes and Dr Andy Ruddock are leading the commentary on news website, The Conversation.

Dr David Holmes.
Dr David Holmes.

The prolific writers are among the top 10 Monash authors who are generating strong readership on the  research-focused news site.

Dr Holmes is leading the group, amassing almost 170,000 readers for 40 articles. He has attracted more than 2,500 comments.  

Dr Holmes writes on issues related to climate change, which has become increasingly controversial since the election of the Abbott Government. 

His recent article, titled War on the environment a distraction from climate change policy, generated more than 90 comments.

Dr Ruddock, who writes about media users and the politics of popular culture, has attracted more than 110,000 readers for his 29 articles on The Conversation.

Dr Andy Ruddock.
Dr Andy Ruddock.

Dr Ruddock addresses a wide range of media topics, including media violence, political celebrity, reality television, youth, media sport and binge drinking.

Dr Ruddock’s most recent article, Are politics fair game at the Olympics? Google thinks so, touches on the athletes’ powerful forum at the Winter Olympics.

Monash University lecturers have been active in generating The Conversation articles and the readership continues to climb.

Students also have the opportunity to pitch ideas to The Conversation.


Monash top authors, The Conversation

Monash top authors, The Conversation.