Matt leading Victoria’s emergency communications

After working as a television reporter for over seven years, Matt Gallant has moved into a leadership position as Manager of Media and Communications with the Victoria State Emergency Service.

Matt says without Monash, he would never have gotten a start in the industry.

Here is his profile…

Matt Gallant.

Name: Matt Gallant

Course: Bachelor of Journalism

Campus: Caulfield 

Year graduated: 2010

Current position: Victoria State Emergency Service Manager of Media and Communications

How did you manage to land your current job?

Before I joined VICSES, I worked as a television reporter for more than seven years. I was previously employed at Southern Cross News, Sky News Australia and Channel 10. Throughout my career I learned valuable skills, that prepared me for my big move to a media and communications role.

How have your studies at Monash helped you in the industry?

If it wasn’t for my studies at Monash I would never have gotten a job in the industry. I landed my first job through an internship I underwent during my time at university. Not to mention the advice I was given by tutors, one I still keep in touch with today, who has become a mentor to me.

If you weren’t working in the journalism industry, what else would you be doing?

Good question. I would say a high school English teacher. 

Were you a planner or a crammer when it came to studying?

A little of both. I tried to plan as much as I could, but there were times I had to cram before a big assessment.

Did you complete internships while at Monash? If so, what was one of the key things you learnt from them?

I did three internships at different television newsrooms. I learned volunteer work in the field is crucial. It’s advice I give students all the time. You need to build a portfolio.

What’s something that surprised you about the journalism industry?

I was surprised about the support I received from journalists who worked for rival networks. I met some of the best people during my time as a reporter. While there is always the element of competition, I found journalists would help out when they could.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring journalist?

Be prepared to move rural. Country news outlets are the best place to start learning the craft.

Who is someone that you admire in the industry?

Brett McLeod from Channel 9. He is a true gentleman and an incredible journalist.

What do you hope to achieve in the next 10 years?

Continue to learn and develop within the media industry. But on a personal level, buy a puppy!

Dream holiday destinatinon?

It would have to be Alaska.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I do love playing my Playstation when I have free time.