Kristy’s journalism career goes beyond reporting

Kristy Mayr has seen a lot of change in journalism since graduating from Monash in 2006.

Currently a journalist for Seven News, her biggest piece of advice for aspiring journalists is to develop a broad set of skills for the dynamic modern journalism industry.

Here is her profile…

Kristy Mayr.

Name: Kristy Mayr

Course: Bachelor of Arts/Law

Faculty/Division: Arts/Law

Dept: School of Media, Film and Journalism

Campus: Clayton

Year graduated: 2006

Current position: Journalist, Seven Network

How did you manage to land your current job?

I took a job at Seven in the Sales department to learn about TV, and to network – so I could tee up work experience in the newsroom! I spent many holidays in the newsroom, developed a show-reel, and then applied for a news reporting role with regional affiliate Prime 7. Knowing how competitive regional jobs are, I asked the Seven news director if he would put in a good word for me with Prime. He did, and I got the job. Two years later, I returned to Seven in Melbourne for Today Tonight, and later transferred to Seven News.

How have your studies at Monash helped you in the industry?

Monash helped build strong research and communication skills, which are crucial for my job. I also gained extensive knowledge through my law degree which often comes in handy for stories – from crime and court cases, to property, politics and world events.

If you weren’t working in the journalism industry, what else would you be doing?

Probably practising law, something in the corporate world, or running my own business – combining loves of fitness and nutrition.

Were you a planner or a crammer when it came to studying?

I am very much a planner by nature – but definitely crammed at uni. I worked full time to put myself through my double degree. There were a lot of late nights in there, and mad dashes to submit assignments by 5pm, the day they were due. (In hindsight, it was good practice for the challenging journalism deadlines!)

Did you complete internships while at Monash? If so, what was one of the key things you learnt from them?

I did work experience in the Nine newsroom, but no internships. They were a ‘thing of the past’ in metro TV newsrooms during my time. Luckily for current journalism students, they have returned.

What’s something that surprised you about the journalism industry?

How small it is!

What is one piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring journalist?

Develop a broad range of skills. The industry is changing at a phenomenal pace, due to the surge of online and our obsession with mobile devices. It’s essential to be able to work across a variety of platforms and be able to take on several roles. My work goes beyond just reporting. I’ve also worked as a producer, and still double as an assistant chief-of-staff.

Who is someone that you admire in the industry?

There are so many. Ray Martin, Lisa Wilkinson, Leigh Sales…

What do you hope to achieve in the next 10 years?

Tell more stories. Do more live, rolling coverage.

Dream holiday destination?

Impossible to pick one! Italy’s Amalfi Coast, France, New York and Tahiti are among my favourite places. Next on my list is either South America or the Maldives.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

That’s easy. Amazing food and fabulous wine!