Kiandra flying in her dream job

Kiandra Trickett has landed her dream job directly out of uni – working as a Digital Media Developer for the Hawthorn Football Club. 

After receiving multiple rejections in her job hunt, persistence paid off in a big way for Kiandra.

Here is her profile…

Kiandra Trickett.

Name: Kiandra Trickett

Course: Bachelor of Journalism

Faculty/Division: Arts

Dept: Journalism

Campus: Caulfield

Year graduated: 2017

Current position: Digital Media Developer, Hawthorn Football Club 

What was it like breaking into the industry? Was it more ‘who you know’ than ‘what you know’?

The job application period is always a hard slog and tiring, constantly sending out applications you spend too much time on to receive nothing back. You eventually become defeated after receiving rejection after rejection, but it is rewarding once you receive a breakthrough. I ended up in my current position through applying and interviewing – I had no contacts at the club. I was in pure shock when I was asked for a first interview let alone my second and final. From this, you could say that I was successful because of what I knew and how I could easily grow and develop in the role.

What is a day in the life of your current role?

My position is quite broad. In summary, I execute and create digital marketing campaigns along with my manager. This may be across several platforms, including Facebook, email, club website, the club app, etc. I’m responsible for the creation, coding, execution and segmentation of EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) for all departments within the club, which leaves me creating between 1-6 emails a day. My role also includes web development, where I’m solely responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the club’s website. This includes coordinating with internal departments on website requests and ensuring the site is current and adding/changing any pages and/or features. With web development, I’m also responsible for the club’s app – management of notifications, ensuring content and features are current, increasing the in-app experience, etc. Alongside my manager, we manage Facebook advertising for all club campaigns. Throughout all these platforms, I also edit images for digital publishing, adhering to brand and club requirements. I’m never only doing one of my responsibilities within a day. It’s very much a role where time management is imperative in ensuring that all requests are executed efficiently and on time.

What was a key lesson you learnt at Monash that translated into your workplace?

You never stop learning. Every day I’m learning something new and that’s something that university can’t prepare you for.

If you could go back and do your degree again, is there anything you’d change? Subject choice? Time management? Internships?

I knew before starting my degree that I didn’t want to be a journalist, it was more a back up degree for myself. I spent a lot of my time heavily involved with the student union (apolitical) whilst studying and being on university/staff committees. Personally, I feel this prepared me massively for the industry, as I was able to sit on major committees and boards within the university and represent students. If I could do my time over I would potentially change my degree to have some Marketing subjects, or alter my degree entirely. This hasn’t been an obstacle in my role, as I already had strong knowledge within the field but it could have assisted. I studied politics as my minor but it was never something I was interested in, I probably would have changed this earlier – though I’d also completed the same amount of film subjects, so it could have been a film minor.

What skill (or skills) would you recommend aspiring journos acquire before getting into the industry?

Do subjects that you want to do and love. If you’re interested in something do a couple subjects on it. I completed such a vast range of subjects that have all come into play now. If you’re not happy with your degree, change. It’s not that hard to follow what you love to do.

When you were a child, what was your dream job?

I’ve always wanted to do two things: be an actress and work at an AFL club. First job out of university and I’ve already ticked one of those boxes. I still can’t believe that I was successful in my application and constantly pinch myself everyday. I’m working within a company that is family and community orientated and supports personal growth to the highest levels. I’ve never come into work of a morning without a smile on my face, because I love what I’m doing.

What is your dream job now?

I’m living it out now. With this being said, I would still love to develop my acting further. I’m still young and am focused on my position and the future of the club. When I get the opportunity and spare time, I will do some film, theatre and modelling projects.

Who do you look up to most in the industry?

Depends which industry we’re talking about. Within the football industry, it’s not so much an individual but a team. The work ethic, dedication and discipline of football players is admirable. Yes, they may be elite athletes and it’s a part of their job, but to witness what they have to do every day – not many could do what they do. In acting, it’s simple. Meryl Streep, Judy Garland, Katharine Hepburn, Simon Baker. Need I say more?

Have you kept in touch with any of your fellow alumni?

Most of my university friends are still studying, I still had first year friends last year so they might be there for a while. I keep in contact with those who have finished and still studying, most of them didn’t study journalism though.

Do you follow any sports teams?

I may or may not be a St Kilda supporter, but evidently with my job I also support the mighty Hawks. Every week I would just like two teams to win, that’s not greedy?

What’s your coffee order?

This varies a lot. Depends what day and at what time. It’ll be a cappuccino, just depends whether I add that ½ – 1 sugar or not. I have 5-6 coffees a day, so it’ll be mixed up (eek).