Justin Hilliard scores dream journalism job

Justin Hillard.

Motoring writer Justin Hilliard scored his dream job at GoAutoMedia after graduating with a Master of Journalism.

Justin has embraced the advice of his mentors, and says that persistence is the key to success.

Here is Justin’s profile …


Name: Justin Hilliard

Course: Masters of Journalism

Faculty/Division: Arts

Dept: Media, Film and Journalism

Campus: Caulfield

Year graduated: 2017


What was the best aspect of studying journalism at Monash? Networking with other journalists (both younger and older) and developing industry contacts.

Did you balance uni life with a job? 
Yes, I worked full-time as a computer and mobile device repair technician during my postgraduate studies.

Why did you choose to study journalism at Monash? Journalism degrees from Monash command the highest respect within the industry, which makes it easier to land a job.

What is your dream job? Motoring writer, fortunate enough to have already achieved this dream!

 Who has been your biggest career influence and why? Jeremy Clarkson because he has the best job in the world and I want to have one like it!

First job? Checkout operator at a retail chain.

Worst job?  Unsurprisingly, being a checkout operator.

What is your favourite place in the world and why?  My hometown Melbourne, because it is the sporting capital of the world. How much better could it be?!

What is your favourite place to eat and why? Five Guys in London, because of its ridiculous American burgers in a non-American city.

What is the best piece of advice you have received? Persistence is the key to success.

Tell us something about yourself that your uni colleagues wouldn’t know? I am an avid collecter of sneakers.