Jonno’s journey to the TV newsroom

Jonno Nash is a TV reporter for Channel 10.
Jonno Nash is a TV reporter for Channel 10.

Monash journalism graduate Jonno Nash has made the transition from one of the best print and digital newsrooms in the country to the world of television.

Jonno,  who reported at the Herald Sun until recently, was recruited by Channel 10 in a highly competitive climate.

“I’ve always wanted to step in front of the camera but held off those ambitions after pursuing print,” Jonno said.

“There is a creative element to packaging TV news reports which is appealing to me.

“Unlike print, there isn’t a rigid structure to TV reporting. The journalists guide the audience through the narrative and let the images tell the story.”

Monash’s video journalism unit introduced Jonno to TV journalism.

“While I didn’t excel academically in this subject, I still value the skills I learnt in this course,” Jonno said.

“I still occasionally look at the video assignment pieces I produced. Despite not being polished pieces, I recognise this subject for pricking my interest in TV.”

Jonno said spending more than three years in the Herald Sun newsroom had been invaluable in improving his news sense and ability to craft hard and soft news stories.

“Fortunately these skills are transferable between mediums and has put me in good stead to chase and develop stories at Channel 10,” Jonno said.

Jonno said he built contacts while developing his career.

“I went out of my way to talk to as many industry professionals as possible,” he said.

“From sending an email to a Monash lecturer or arranging a meeting with a journalist on Twitter, I made sure I got my name out there and tapped into the knowledge of others.

“There are a number of jobs out there that aren’t advertised and getting the inside whisper on potential positions or an endorsement from an industry person can go a big way in securing a job in a metropolitan newsroom.”

Jonno said it was important to take on board any feedback to improve yourself.

“Don’t disregard the role feedback can play in improving yourself. Seek it and learn,” he said.

“If you article or piece is altered, find out why. Being adaptable and coachable are crucial components. I have also found investigating the pathways of media identities particularly valuable. LinkedIn is handy for this.”

“I have replicated aspects of work to that of my role models in hope I can one day reach their positions,” Jonno said.

“You’ll find they too endured a hard slog to get their foot in the door.

“Don’t be afraid to still do unpaid work. I still volunteer a couple of hours a week in hope that one day it might prosper into something attractive.”

Jonno said persistence was the key in the competitive field.

“Be ruthless and persistent. There aren’t many jobs out there and you’re competing against thousands of candidates outside your cohort across the country,” he said.

“Graduates are more willing to live interstate, so jobs aren’t handed out to locals.

“Send emails and make phone calls to editors and producers to sell yourself. It’s still very much a ‘who you know’ industry, so boost your profile by meeting as many people as possible.”