John settles into a career behind the camera

For John Holdsworth, a clear vision of what he wants to achieve has led to a satisfied start to his journalism career.

John, a Digital Producer for the AFL Players’ Association, is forging a career as a successful videographer.

Here is his profile…

John Holdsworth.

Name:  John Holdsworth

Course: Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)

Faculty/Division: Arts

Dept: School of Media, Film and Journalism

Campus: Caulfield/Clayton

Year graduated: 2017

Current position: Digital Producer at AFL Players’ Association

What was it like breaking into the industry? Was it more ‘who you know’ than ‘what you know’?

Breaking into the industry became a lot easier once I understood with more clarity what path I wanted to take my career in.  I feel extremely fortunate to have landed the role I have at the PA.  I wasn’t ever sure if I would be in a position to say I wake up in the morning and love to go to work, but I’m happy to say I feel that way. Whilst it’s clearly important to have a strong foundation and skill set to get into the industry, ‘who you know’ is without doubt just as crucial (if not slightly more) in my opinion than ‘what you know’.

What is a ‘day in the life’ of your current role?

My days can vary considerably depending on the time of the year and the projects we are working on.  I might be shooting a content piece with one of our commercial partners, or shooting a longer-form documentary.  We could be shooting a smaller piece that I need to turn around that week for our website/social pages.  Back in the office I’m usually editing or planning for upcoming shoots. 

What was a key lesson you learnt at Monash that translated into your workplace?

Pick up the phone or the story goes nowhere. 

If you could go back and do your degree again, is there anything you’d change? Subject choice? Time management? Internships?

I can’t claim to have had the greatest marks, so to be honest I’d probably put more time and effort in.  Videography or video journalism was what my passion and strength was so I ensured I did that well. 

What skill (or skills) would you
recommend aspiring journos acquire before getting into the industry?

Aside from the practical skills needed for whatever type of journalism you’re getting into I would also place people skills, emotional intelligence, and a strong work ethic as important skills to develop.   

When you were a child, what was your dream job?

I was going to be the captain of the Australian cricket team.

What is your dream job now?

I would love to be a part of growing what we currently have into a more formidable creative group producing high-end content year round.  Aside from that, travelling the world as a freelance videographer and creating content would be amazing.     

Who do you look up to most in the industry?

There’s a filmmaker called Adrian Brown who does a lot of work in the AFL scene, I admire a lot of his work.  Pete Dickson is also someone I look up to, he has taken football content to another level over the last thirty years. 

Have you kept in touch with any of your fellow alumni?

Not really. 

Do you follow any sports teams?

Big Sydney Swans fan.

What’s your coffee order?

Latte – no sugar (watching the waistline).