Holly wins Ossie for best convergent media story

Holly Humphreys has won a coveted Ossie award.
Holly Humphreys has won a coveted Ossie award.

Monash University’s Master of Journalism graduate Holly Humphreys has been awarded one of the top prizes for journalism students in Australia.

The award is in honour of investigative journalism Osmar S. White and organised by the Journalism Education Association Australia (JEAA).

Senior journalists and editors judge the Ossie Awards. Holly’s entry, The Bobby Calf boys at Greenslopes Farm, won the category for Best Convergent Media Story.

The Bobby Calf boys at Greenslopes Farm was about the male calves born to the dairy industry that are destined to be slaughtered at the end of five days of life,” Holly said.

“I had read previous publications from animal welfare group perspectives, but none from farmers.

“My research included embedding myself in the bobby calf story by spending five days on a farm in Southwest Victoria. This meant that I could see, smell, hear, touch, and taste the story and collaborate these into text and media, which complimented the online medium where it was produced.”

Holly, whose story was published on the front page of The Sunday Age, said completing her Master of Journalism was both invigorating and rewarding. 

“My biggest influence was the lecturers and department seniors at the university who were personable, and brought years of journalism experience to help me better understand the role that journalism plays in society,” Holly said.

“They highlighted the importance of being objective and they taught me the skills of interviewing, writing structures and rules for different mediums, ethics and media production.”