Higher Degrees by Research

Depending on academic results, you may also wish to complete a research dissertation as a pathway to a higher degree by research, such as the PhD.

The Master of Arts by Research and Coursework (72 pts) includes 24 points of coursework, is classified as a research qualification as it also comprises a major supervised thesis or project on an aspect of communication and media studies. The course is open to those who possess an honours degree, or equivalent, at H2A level or above.  For more information please visit the following site.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree involves the completion of advanced research in fields related to the study of Communication and Media Studies is encouraged and doctoral supervision is available. Interested students should consult with the coordinators of the program.  Scholarships may be available for intending students. Follow the site for: Fields of Research

For more information on the course structure and requirements please visit the following site.