Ghadeer soars as PR Talent of the Year

Growing up, Ghadeer El-Khub’s dream was to study journalism at Monash.

Ghadeer hasn’t stopped there, winning Mumbrella‘s Best PR Talent of the Year award this year, and is looking onward to smashing more goals within the industry.

Here is her profile…

Ghadeer El-Khub.

Name: Ghadeer El-Khub

Course: Bachelor of Journalism

Faculty/Division: Arts

Dept: School of Media, Film and Journalism

Campus: Caulfield/Clayton

Year graduated: 2014

Current position: Digital PR Manager

Why did you chose to study journalism at Monash?

Growing up, my dream was to attend Monash University. I always knew this is where I wanted to complete my tertiary studies. I attended Open Day at multiple universities, as my high school careers’ adviser had encouraged me to keep my options open. The journalism course at Monash proved to be a stand-out, offering me the opportunity to specialise in the type of Journalism I wanted (at the time, reporting entertainment and fashion).

How did Monash help get you to where you are now?

The resources and tutors across my three-year degree helped me get to where I am today. I am thankful for the flexibility offered at Monash. This allowed me to study remotely when I undertook several internships interstate, submit work within my passions (entertainment, fashion and lifestyle) and for challenging me at the best of times with tight deadlines. I am currently a Digital PR Manager for a brand storytelling digital agency in Sydney. There is one piece of advice a former tutor taught me which I use to this day: my tutor Matt Mitchell said that to get places, you need to pick up the phone and call. Forget about emailing, a phone call goes a long way.

Best Monash memory?

In my final semester, my tutor Julie Tullberg placed me in the online journalism unit and we worked on a project alongside the St Kilda Football Club. I led a team of journalists and web developers to create a ‘History’ tab on the Official AFL website. During this semester-long project, my most memorable moment was interviewing Australian cricket legend Shane Warne, who was also the number one ticket holder for St Kilda FC.

What advice would you give your first-year uni self?

Get out into the real world and intern as much as possible. Internships were very valuable and allowed me to graduate one step ahead of the competitive crowd. Begin in the summer before you commence uni. I would encourage all first-year uni students to pick up the phone and call your dream workplaces and request a work experience placement. Start a blog and document all the work you produce (like a digital portfolio).

What did you wish you knew before going out into the workforce?

Due to the several internships I undertook during my tertiary studies, I was prepared to walk into any workplace upon graduating. We are taught the competitive nature of journalism. I learnt very quickly that business is business and never personal. To get to where you want to be or succeed at work, you need to acknowledge your accomplishments.

Who has been your biggest mentor?

There are two professionals who I look up to for their work and commitment. The first is Joseph Sindaha, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Nestlé. His digital campaigns across the Middle East provided a baseline of success for me. I now know what it takes to excel in the world of digital and social media, and I look up to his campaigns and work for inspiration and creativity. Even though he may not know who I am, I feel it is important to have someone in the industry who you look up to. The second is former Monash graduate and alumni Alison Ward, former VP HR Recruitment at Emirates. I look up to Alison for a number of reasons – seeing a Monash alumni go so far within a global organisation and smash goals, has motivated me to become the best at what I do.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I never put a time stamp on my goals, because the industry is changing so rapidly. I work towards a vision board instead, which highlights things I need, to achieve my goals. Currently, the top of my vision board says ‘Chief Digital Officer’. This is a position I know I’ll attain and who knows – could be within the next 10 years.

What was your very first job?

I worked at Kumon, the English and Maths after-school tutoring service after many years of undertaking the course. Yes, I secretly love mathematics.

What was your dream job growing up?

My dream job was to work as a fashion journalist and sit in the front row at the New York Fashion Week. This dream was quickly flipped after completing a few internships at glossy magazines during my tertiary studies and realising it wasn’t for me.

Any hidden talents?

I grew up playing the piano – and still can!

Any pets?


What is your favourite quote?

My favourite quote is, ‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’. This helped motivate me to seek internships and placements during tertiary studies. I knew that no one was able to help me, but myself.