Georgia finds the right environment at Monash

A change in direction at Monash has led to Georgia Comensoli gaining a gateway into the journalism industry.

After backing up a Bachelor of Environments with a Master of Journalism, Georgia has enjoyed a start as a casual journalist for WIN News Albury.

Here is her profile…

Georgia Comensoli.

Name: Georgia Comensoli

Course: Master of Journalism   

Faculty/Division: Arts

Dept: School of Media, Film and Journalism

Campus: Caulfield

Year graduated: Semester 1, 2017

Current position: Casual Journalist, WIN News Albury (past 7 months)

How did you manage to land your current job?

I saw it pop up on twitter that WIN News were looking for someone, so I applied and was accepted midway through my second semester of Masters. With a little help from a reference from a previous internship, and of course experience.

How have your studies at Monash helped you in the industry?

The area where I would say the Masters has helped me the most is with media law. What we can and cannot report, and how we go about tricky stories.

If you weren’t working in the journalism industry, what else would you be doing?

I’d be the next Nigel Thornbury. My undergrad is a Bachelor of Environments, majoring in Environmental Geographies, Politics and Culture.

Were you a planner or a crammer when it came to studying?

Definite crammer throughout my undergraduate degree! I made an art in writing assignments over a 24 hour period. However, once I started journalism Masters I realised that cramming wasn’t the most ideal form of study. Planning isn’t so bad once you get used to it.

Did you complete internships while at Monash? If so, what was one of the key things you learnt from them?

I was able to complete a few internships with Monash, which was amazing. The first thing I learnt was that this industry flogs you; you won’t know the meaning of tired until you start getting experience. The key point to tell anyone embarking on any internship is EVEN if you think you know the answer, ask the question anyway!

What’s something that surprised you about the journalism industry?

The banter! And how no two journalists are the same.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring journalist?

You have to really want it. I still consider myself an aspiring journalist, so it’s hard to give my peers advice.

Who is someone that you admire in the industry?

Corrie Perkin, first female reporter of the AFL, who has worked with the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, The Age, The Australian and NGV to name a few; and Annabel Crabb, one of the wittiest political commentators Australia has produced, in my opinion.

What do you hope to achieve in the next 10 years?

Hopefully land full time employment (I’m still only a casual). Live and work overseas definitely, but my sideline dream would be to have published a book by then.

Dream holiday destination?

San Francisco (tech capital).

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I am the first to admit I have the worst taste in reality TV, and I love it.