Emily aims high in the exciting world of journalism

Emily Neilsen.

Bachelor of Journalism graduate Emily Neilsen, who is a personal assistant and client coordinator at Arrow Digital Marketing has big ambitions in the exciting media industry.  

Jobs in travel TV presenting and radio hosting are at the top of Emily’s list. Check out Emily’s profile …

Name: Emily Neilsen
Course: Bachelor of Journalism (minor in Behavioural Studies)
Faculty/Division: Faculty of Arts
Dept: Journalism
Campus: Caulfield
Year graduated: 2016

What was the best aspect of studying journalism at Monash?
I loved the diversity of classes which allowed me to learn all different aspects of Journalism in both practical and theoretical ways. The facilities were also a huge advantage, like when I urgently needed an editing computer at ungodly hours!

Did you balance uni life with a job?
I had a job during uni as well as countless internships, while also gripping onto my social life. While I would love to say it was a balance, it was more of a juggling act. This has made post-uni life a lot easier to manage, that’s for sure!

Why did you choose to study journalism at Monash?
I began my studies in Brisbane before moving to Melbourne and am so glad I chose Monash – I made amazing friends through extra-curricular activities there, and was exposed to many more internship opportunities than I would have thought possible.

What is your dream job?
I have a few dream jobs … aim high, am I right?! Two are to be a travel TV presenter and radio host. I am currently thinking up big new ideas – now to execute them!

Who has been your biggest career influence and why? 
My biggest career influence were my peers who became great friends. Their motivation added the fuel to my fire when it needed to be ignited, and continue to motivate and support me to achieve my goals.

First job?
Newpaper route. A coincidence I ended up studying journalism? I’ll let you decide.

Worst job?
Barista. I lasted a day. Yeah, not for me.

What is your favourite place in the world and why?
That’s a tough one, I haven’t been everywhere yet! Wherever French is spoken will have a one up though since I learn/speak some French. And I must say Colombia, but I’m being biased because I’m half Colombian. I’m resisting the urge right now to just list out all my favourite places in the world. So. Damn. Hard.

What is your favourite place to eat and why?
Argh … why are you doing this to me? It’s like picking my favourite child. I will start this off by saying eating is my No.1 hobby. My favourite place to eat is in Greece and Spain. In Melbourne, I like Rice Queen because no matter what you get it’s going to be good, as well as any café that does all-day breakfast. You will find me there.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?
A goal without a plan is only a wish.

Tell us something about yourself that your uni colleagues wouldn’t know?
I lived in Saudi Arabia for six months before my parents decided it was too unsafe at the time, so we moved back to Australia. Also I have an insane love for Otters. They probably know that already but I had to put it in here.