Journalism Futures: New York Field School

Following a dramatic year in American politics, and the claims and counter-claims of ‘fake news’, the media is under scrutiny in the USA like never before. In this unit, students will travel to the heart of the world’s media industry to observe how news organisations are managing to deal with the spate of challenges they are currently facing.

The changing face of Media Communication

What, exactly, is fake news? The past year has seen a phenomenal explosion of fake news stories on social media platforms such as Facebook. The term has also become muddied by public officials and politicians – most famously US president Donald Trump – using it to refer to news stories they claim are inaccurate or biased.

Apply now: Hong Kong field school

What does it take to get a job in journalism in Asia – and why is Hong Kong so vital to the global news industry? In this unit, students will travel to the Asian media capital to explore why this world city is the big draw for news companies from around the globe.

Study abroad

International programs for MFJ students are available through exchange with a partner university overseas or external field work programs. Monash abroad allows students to study similar journalism units in many universities across the world.

Simon lands reporting role at the ABC

ABC reporter Simon Galletta had a tough initiation in journalism. Simon, who recently graduated after finishing his degree at Monash University, faced some challenging experiences when the ABC’s Melbourne bureau offered him casual work during the 2015-20-15 festive season.