Alison Stieven-Taylor interviewed on Radio NZ

Wallace Chapman, Alison Stieven-Taylor and James Dooley at Radio New Zealand, Auckland.

In June, journalist Alison Stieven-Taylor, who is also a Monash PhD candidate, was in Auckland to cover the 14th annual Auckland Festival of Photography. Festival organisers took advantage of having this photojournalism scholar in town and lined up an interview for Alison with Radio New Zealand on the popular Sunday Morning show.

Alison joined James Dooley of the New York-based Alexia Foundation to discuss photojournalism in the smartphone age with host Wallace Chapman.

“Despite the fact that there are so many images circulating today in the digital space, photojournalism still has the power to speak to the audience”, Alison told radio host Chapman.

“Photojournalism is about creating a visual narrative that conveys a particular story, and beyond that, gives insights into issues that are important to society.”

Over the past decade Alison has interviewed many of the world’s leading photojournalists including Sebastiao Salgado, Paolo Pellegrin, Lynsey Addario, Stephen Dupont, Don McCullin and also Robin Hammond, an award-winning photojournalist from New Zealand. Her articles appear in newspapers and magazines in Australia and internationally. She is also the publisher of the widely read blog Photojournalism Now.

Currently Alison is working on her PhD, which is about photojournalism and social change, and she is researching how photojournalists are using the digital media space to engage with audiences.

She says, “It was wonderful to have the opportunity to speak about the significance of the image in journalism and to contribute to the broader debate of what’s happening with journalism today. James, who is from the Alexia Foundation which gives grants to photographers who are working for social change, is a font of knowledge. I think we made a great team and Wallace was an engaging host who conducted a well-researched interview”.

The interview can be listened to in full here