Port Phillip Library entertains kids on holidays

By Vera Zhou

Last night, a drastic battle between heroes and villains happened at St Kilda Library.

Unlike usual plots, the ending of this story was decided by the audience of about 20 children instead of scriptwriter.

The event was organised by the Port Phillip Library Service.

The actor and actress were from a local theatre company that specialised in presenting to children, creating an interesting dramatic play for the audience.

There were many goodies and baddies on the stage during the 50-minute performance including the Joker, Batman, Prince Charming, the Big Bad Wolf, the Evil Queen and Snow White.

Good guys communicated with evils. They fought, showed their superpowers or advantages, and they also mocked each other. In the meantime, heroes and villains invited children to the stage and interacted with them, performing magic tricks.

In the end, good and bad guys appeared on the stage together, and let the children speak up about their preferences.

Surprisingly, the evils defeated the heroes through their comical performance, earning more affection and applause from the children.

Not only this performance gathered applause from the children, the Port Phillip Library Service also gained parents’ appreciation.

Parents of the above superman said they really needed to express thanks to this event, and that gave them the opportunity to find out how independent their kid is.

“He often acts pretty shy when he’s with us, but tonight he went to the stage, interacted with the actor, performed in front of numerous children and parents which makes us feel surprise and touched … we are so proud of our son,” the parents said.

Since the customers of Port Phillip Library are all ages, there are various programs offered.

Their intention of events is not only for supporting literacy and the love of books or learning, but also to engage the community. This performance is to engage the children and their families during the recent school holidays.