Toronto Graduate Journal Calling for Papers

Postgraduate students in the CMRS may be interested in this opportunity, which has been extended.

Fons Luminis Call for Papers – Extended

Fons Luminis, a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal produced annually by graduate students at the Centre for Medieval Studies in the University of Toronto, is  continuing to accept submissions for its upcoming issue, through September 1, 2014. As usual, we welcome submissions on any aspect of medieval studies,

Articles must be written in English, follow the 16th edition (2010) of The Chicago Manual of Style, and be at least 4,000 words in length, including footnotes. Quotations in the main text in languages other than English should appear along with their English translation. We also welcome substantial review articles of recent or seminal works in medieval studies (approximately 1,500 words).

In addition, we especially invite submissions relating to the 2015 issue’s special theme, “Using and Creating Digital Medievalia.”

Papers relating to this theme may address: medievalist use of digitally stored information; social scientists and librarians as creators and/or curators of knowledge about the Middle Ages; future directions of digital humanities; the importance of digital humanities to work in paleography, codicology, diplomatics, and text editing. Articles may also focus on topics including mapping and space, the impact of digitization on concepts of the archive, and digital tools in teaching. Contributions may take the form of a scholarly essay or focus on the study of a particular manuscript or digitization project.

Submissions must be received by September 1, 2014, in order to be considered for publication. Inquiries and submissions (as a Word document attachment) should be sent to If you would like to submit but do not believe that you will be able to make the September 1 deadline, please do contact us and let us know.