Monash has long been at the forefront of teaching and research in medieval and Renaissance history in Australia. With our centre at Prato in Italy, and our overseas partner universities, we offer a unique opportunity to pair academic study with travel to Europe.

Why pursue this area of study? The medieval and renaissance period generated the cultures and codes which pervade our Western civilization, and inspires and feeds much of our cultural imagination (from the Da Vinci Code to video games). The process of learning also develops a range of skills relevant to challenging careers. For example, Kate McGrath (honours in renaissance history, 1999) is currently news chief of staff for the Channel 9 network; Justine Heazlewood (MA in renaissance history) is Keeper of Public Records at the Public Record Office of Victoria.

We offer a pathway in this study area from an introductory first year through to postgraduate research. Units are coordinated by the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, which is located at both Monash Clayton and the Monash University Centre in Prato.

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Pursuing Medieval & Renaissance History

We offer a range of units in medieval and renaissance history. Students pursuing this area of study are also encouraged to consider units in related areas, e.g. Latin and other relevant languages, units in ancient cultures, units in religious studies.

Note, the required citation style for all medieval & renaissance history units is either Chicago or MHRA. The full styles guide are here: Chicago style guide or MHRA style guide. Whichever you choose, always be consistent.

Units in Medieval and Renaissance History:

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

* Note: this is a 12-point unit taught in Prato. Enrolment is WES-barred, and will take place manually around the end of semester one. If you are interested, contact the unit coordinator as early as possible in semester one to secure your place in the unit.

**This unit is not exclusively a medieval/renaissance history unit but includes a substantial medieval module.

Fourth Year

Units Taught in Prato

A highlight of studying Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Monash is the opportunity to take an undergraduate unit at the Monash University Centre in Prato Italy.

Our two Medieval and Renaissance History units available in Prato (alternate years) are:

For those continuing to honours or Masters level there is the following unit, taught in Prato/Florence in conjunction with members of the Prato Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (the universities of Arizona, Durham, Edinburgh, London/Queen Mary College, Toronto and the State Archives of Prato, with Monash as the hub):

Complementary units in other Schools & Centres