The heart of the CMRS is a weekly Friday seminar and associated reading, language and translation groups. During semester, the seminar follows a formal program of research presentations from academics and research students, interspersed with discussion weeks focussed on particular readings suggested by members of the seminar according to their research interests. Out of semester, the seminar generally continues to meet along less formal lines, with a larger focus on reading discussion interspersed with student presentations.

The Friday seminars generally take place in Room E561, 20 Chancellors Walk, Clayton Campus, unless otherwise advertised. Normal in-semester programming follows the pattern:

10:00-11:00 Latin Reading
15:00–16:00 Med-Ren Seminar

Other reading groups, such as an Italian translation reading group, are organised among members according to their interests, normally also on Fridays.

Medieval & Renaissance Seminar

This is the main weekly meeting of the Centre, including a range of presentations by research students, academic and visiting staff; discussions of pre-circulated material; or presentations on resources and skills from members of the library or other affiliated groups. Join the mailing list (see below) or consult our Seminar page to see the latest program.

Latin Reading

This reading group focusses on translating Latin texts of relevance to the research projects of postgraduate and honours students in the Centre. Texts have included early medieval Saints’ lives, 12th-century love letters, commentaries on the poems of Ovid, and the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas. Suggestions are welcome from members, and all are encouraged to attend and participate, regardless of reading level.

HDR Academic Reading Language Acquisition Classes

In collaboration with LLCL, we offer academic reading classes in Italian, French and German for research students across Historical Studies. Students need basic familiarity with the target language before joining these reading classes, which are aimed at understanding academic prose. For more details, contact the CMRS postgraduate committee (see below).

CMRS Mailing List

Join the CMRS mailing list to be kept up to date with CMRS seminars, reading groups and lectures, as well as related events taking place across Melbourne, interstate, and overseas. (Contact: the CMRS postgraduate committee)

Alternately, consult our events calendar for details of upcoming Medieval and Renaissance happenings.