Renaissance Students Visit the Archives

In the Archives at Scarperia

Forty enthusiastic undergraduate students are in Italy this month to work with CMRS Director, Peter Howard and colleagues on the summer unit The Renaissance in Florence. This week students have been visiting the archives in nearby Scarperia to experience what primary sources look like before they are transcribed, translated, and packaged into reference books for historians to use. The unit is designed to give students the opportunity to interact at close quarters with the material culture of the Renaissance period in Northern Italy, from urban spaces to artworks, from churches to charters, with the special guidance of experts in the field.

Are you envious yet?!

Never mind: if you missed out on The Renaissance in Florence this year don’t despair! This unit alternates with the equally fascinating Dante’s Medieval World, which will run in November-December 2013.

The happy cohort of participants in ‘The Renaissance in Florence’, 2012