Prato Consortium

The CMRS is the hub of the Prato Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. This Consortium was established in 2009 through a series of memoranda of understanding with external partners. These include the universities of Warwick, Toronto, London (Queen Mary College), Edinburgh, Durham, and Arizona, along with the State Archives of Prato. The PCMRS aims to facilitate the pooling of expertise and skills to enhance teaching and research in the field.

The Prato Consortium holds an annual postgraduate student research symposium in Prato…

  • Prato Consortium postgraduate students spent Christmas learning palaeography in the Italian archives. Jessica O’Leary reports. Read more
  • Text and Community: an introduction to the world of Renaissance Florence and its leading scholars. Kate Aldred reports on recent CMRS teaching and seminar activities in Prato. Read more
  • Following a highly successful 2015 conference at Villa i Tatti and the Monash Prato Centre, we call for papers for “Renaissance Religions II: modes and meanings in history” to be held in Bologna, June 2016. Read more
  • Watch the 2014 Bill Kent Memorial Lecture online: William Wallace, “Michaelangelo and the Sistine Chapel… 500 years” Read more
  • CMRS scholars will be well represented at the Leeds IMC in 2014. Session and paper details here! Read more
  • Samuel Baudinette reports on the recent Prato Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Postgraduate Workshop Read more
  • Postgraduate students from across the Prato Consortium will be taking part in a workshop at Monash Prato this week. Read more
  • The annual Bill Kent Memorial Lecture will be delivered in Prato by John Henderson (Birkbeck College) on Monday 9 December at 6pm, on the topic of “Plague, Putrefaction and the Body of the Poor in Early Modern Florence” Read more
  • Check out some snapshots of recent CMRS activities abroad. Read more
  • A number of CMRS members will be presenting on their research at the upcoming Leeds IMC, including as part of a string of sessions sponsored by the Prato Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Come along and hear what our members have been working on! Read more
  • Members of the Prato Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies met in Prato over two days in December to discuss future plans. The meeting had a great deal of energy, with members determined to collaborate to bring about realizable outcomes. A summary of the outcomes of the meeting follows below. Present were: Maartje van Gelder (Amsterdam), ... Read more
  • Peter Howard writes to report on current happenings at the Monash Prato Centre, and to invite any Medieval or Renaissance scholars currently in Italy to attend a number of  interesting public lectures taking place at the Centre over the next few weeks: In about ten days time we will be meeting in Prato to discuss exciting ... Read more
  • Forty enthusiastic undergraduate students are in Italy this month to work with CMRS Director, Peter Howard and colleagues on the summer unit The Renaissance in Florence. This week students have been visiting the archives in nearby Scarperia to experience what primary sources look like before they are transcribed, translated, and packaged into reference books for ... Read more
  • The CMRS and the Prato Consortium sponsored a session on letter writing in twelfth-century Germany at the Leeds IMC 2012. Sita Steckel (Münster) chaired the panel, and CMRS postgraduate students Diana Jeske and Natasha Amendola presented on their research. Discussion was vibrant and attendance healthy despite the panel being scheduled for early on the morning ... Read more
  • November and December are devoted to Med-Ren studies at the Monash Prato Centre. In addition to either Dante’s World or the Renaissance in Florence, a fourth and fifth level unit – Text and Community in Medieval and Renaissance Europe – runs in the second/third week of December to coincide with workshops and research activities involving ... Read more
  • This fellowship, established in recognition of the Founding Director of the Monash University Prato Centre, normally seeks to support international opportunities for early career Monash research staff and deepen Monash’s research expertise and links in Italy and Europe. In 2011 and 2012 the Bill Kent Fellowship will be directed to postdoctorates and postgraduates with the aim ... Read more