Historical Studies peer-led workshops

In collaboration with the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics, the CMRS offers peer-led workshops for research students across Historical Studies. These are designed to develop the capacity and provide the tools to read historical sources and scholarly texts in a given language. Texts are provided by each student in turn, so that the workshops deal directly with attendees’ current work.

While you may start at any time, these workshops are not one-off drop-in sessions: rather their design is such that people attend regularly, thereby developing a culture of peer supported learning and gaining skills themselves as they help others week by week. Please contact the workshop leaders directly if you wish to attend.

In Semester Two 2018 we are offering:

German, with Andreas Dorrer: Wednesdays, 10am – 12noon
Contact: Andi.Dorrer@monash.edu

Italian, with Angela Tarantini: Thursdays, 3pm – 5pm
Contact: Angela.Tarantini@monash.edu

Beginner’s Latin, with Craig Thomas: Fridays, 9am – 11am
Contact: Craig.Thomas@monash.edu

Paleography, with Anne Holloway: most Fridays (contact Anne or the committee for dates), 5pm-6.30pm Contact: Anne.Holloway@monash.edu

Please note that with the exception of Beginner’s Latin, students need basic familiarity with the language before joining: the workshops are not introductory modern language classes.

Up to 20 hours’ professional development credit can be granted for each language per semester (though you will likely undertake more hours than this over time). These hours will be logged manually by administration at the end of semester: all you need to do is give your name to the workshop leader.